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Pain isn't the enemy - it's an indicator!  Its telling you to do something for yourself and improve your quality of life for a change!

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This deep relaxation & sleep method is based on controlled breathing done together with light isometric contractions. It will help put you to sleep in half the time that it normally takes you.

It can also be used to calm anxiety or just reduce tension after doing stressful activities.

The K90 Method will leave you feeling relaxed and with more mental clarity.  It's natural, safe and also has been reported to overall improve your sleep quality.   

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Functional Restoration Program 

Does holistic wellness do better at eliminating pain at the source? 

​We often don't take care of our own bodies as well as some other systems that are a lot less complex. 

For example:

Have you ever wanted to go for a bike ride and found that your bicycle was sluggish and noisy? 

Did you look down and notice your tires were low? Did you put some air in the tires and then notice that the cables and chain were dry and probably could use a squirt of lubricant to smooth out their operation?

Maybe you noticed the immediate benefit to taking care of those items accumulatively?  You could have just put air in the tires but then you would have still had a noisy chain and brake cables that bind and the performance would've reflected that.  A little bit of lube goes a long way right?

Although a bike has many components that must be maintained separately to have an overall smooth running system - its typical to only do the most obvious one like the tires.

We sometimes take care of ourselves less thoroughly. 

Aren't we infinitely more complex than a bicycle?  I should say so!

Ok, it could be argued that because our systems are so complex we tend to just avoid the needful effort that is necessary to maintain ourselves properly.  Honestly it's really confusing with all the advice, marketing and products available.

It's difficult to determine what's real and what's really important.  Some pharmaceuticals and supplements advertise that they will take care of your symptoms - but usually it's a questionable benefit or it's at a cost of some unwanted side effects.

Maybe we don't have faith that any one thing can legitimately help because we tried so many things!  Each self-care activity (supplementation, exercise, or therapy) only seems to help improve by a small percentage! 

It's true - if you only lube your bike chain and not fill your tires or lube all your cables then you will only see a small improvement.  However if you learn a little more about how the system works and make yourself a checklist that can be quickly gone through and executed at designated times then it's a piece of cake.  With the right kind of framework - you can restore function and improve overall.

What if you had a simple plan that gave you consistent results for only a few hours per week?

Nothing that's designed to managed a complex system like the human body is going to be easy but you can expect something simple that produces results from this program.

The results are realistic and attainable - if you are tired of aches & pains, lack of performance, low energy or poor sleep - then maybe this program is for you. 

If you are looking for a miracle cure then you will have better luck being a bicycle mechanic - stick to filling tires and lubrication because it's much easier (and you don't have to do it every day).

The Kinetic Thai Bodywork Physical Wellness & Personal Performance Program is designed to:

  • Give you the tools to take control of your wellness and peace of mind in just a few hours per week.  If you want to put more time into it you can - but this program is designed for people with a busy lifestyle and very little extra time.
  • Feel a direct benefit right away - your physical performance & mental clarity will improve and the added benefits of more energy and better sleep have been reported. 
  • Easily monitor your progress and see the results while you keep score of your wellness with an easy to follow activity chart that keeps you up to speed for only a few minutes a day.

It might sound a little hokey but a commitment to Functional Restoration of a few hours per week will transform you life and help you feel more energy and strength!  

To be clear, this program is only meant for those who are tired of being limited by acute or chronic pains, with low energy or poor sleep.  

It's designed to give you back what you put into it and you will see the results right away if you really want to transform yourself.   

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