What people are saying...

Fabrizio is that rare practitioner who combines natural ability, compassion and the focus necessary to achieve solid results.  A treatment from him is deeply therapeutic.

He knows the body, he understands kinetic chains and he has an athlete's sensibility about how to put you back on track so you can perform at your best.As an acupuncturist, I take my bodywork seriously. I've received massage and specifically Thai bodywork from many practitioners. In my opinion, Fabrizio has The Gift. I will be referring many of my own patients to him.

M. Mulchahy, L.Ac

Director Community Acupuncture

Clinic Mercy Hospital, Chicago.

I have experienced the pleasure of a Thai bodywork therapy session with Fabrizio - I came in with feelings of soreness and stiffness and walked out with increased flexibility and relaxation.  I understand the importance of skilled therapists and [his] session extended beyond his skillful technique of Thai bodywork. I see that he truly cares for each individual’s mind and body and is extremely passionate about his profession. It was simply a fantastic experience.

A. Miskovic


Fabrizio's work shows real depth of understanding.  He is not only physically built to do good Thai Massage and body-work, Fabrizio is also aware of some of the finer and more subtle aspects that make for real therapy instead of mere spa-style, one-size-fits-all practice. C.Nix

Founder & Director Mercy Hospital

Community Pain and Stress Center  

My body is on a high ... feeling more relaxed, in less pain & with more flexibility than in months - if not years - thanks to an amazing Thai massage by Fabrizio Sonny LeNoir!! Big SMILE

P. Grant Chicago, IL

I am in deep gratitude for an amazing body work done by Fabrizio Sonny LeNoir (email him at Kineticthaibodywork@gmail.com if you are in Chicago). He is a master of fluid balanced movement and a gentle yet powerful and extremely healing touch. I hope our Tango community with tired tango feet will take full advantage of his great service and fast-growing practice. As a fellow practitioner, I can definitely appreciate the authenticity and his deep commitment to the client agenda. I am also very happy he will accompany us to the Tango Maya festival in Cancun to help us feel more balanced and dance even more.
L. Pritzker
  New Human Energetics

Just had my first of three sessions with Fabrizio. It was amazing to see how much easier it was to get into and feel comfortable into some of the more twisty poses in my ashtanga yoga class the day afterward. He's great. Try him out!!!!
Judith Horwitz
Chicago, IL

Thanks to Fabrizio, the Thai massage was awesome, and I feel so much better today, more flexible, and definitely with less pain in my neck.
Ozlem Elgun
Chicago, IL