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  • Chronic/Acute Pain
  • Focused Muscle Wellness Therapy
  • Mindful Balance & Holistic Healing

Kinetic Thai Bodywork

KTB Wellness Program Perfromance Charts

Consistent results and improvement of performance. 

Reduce and eliminate pain to achieve personal wellness.​​

Progress charts will be sent to you and can be accessed by any computer or smart phone.

See what people are saying about their post-treatment experience.

This is not just massage - it's therapy that works.

Thanks to all of you who have tried Kinetic Thai Bodywork and continue to come back for effective treatments - your trust is appreciated!


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KTB Physical Wellness &

Personal Performance Program 

Consistent Results and improvement of performance. 

Reduce and eliminate pain to achieve personal wellness.

By now you have realized that your physical wellness is not something that can be managed consistently without a framework to do what’s necessary to stay well.  

Pain is an indicator that you are not well.  Taking necessary action and developing a good framework is needed to experience better performance and feel better.

Most of us have seen some results with performing some type of bodywork therapy, eating better, hydrating more, mental focus exercises and going to the gym or working out at home.

But it never seems to eliminate the problem!

Maybe in the beginning you have noticed a dramatic improvement and reduction of pain after therapy or hydrating (or something else someone prescribed or suggested)...  but overall you're not 100% and maybe there's a lingering pain and you feel a relapse could be right around the corner.  

Why does everyone have advice on what to do, what to eat, how to exercise, how much to sleep or what doctor to see, etc?  Why doesn’t any of that advice seem to take care of your issues or make you feel better more consistently?

Bad News

There is no one thing that will take care of your aches and pain or make you feel well all of the time unless you manage it all of the time.

Good News

Using already established methods of bodywork, exercise/stretching, supplementation and mindfulness together consistently - You can get consistent results and improve performance that can also reduce and eliminate pain.

The Kinetic Thai Bodywork KTB Physical Wellness & Personal Performance Program is designed to incorporate proven methods of therapeutic activities together to bring you more consistent wellness, feel pleasure in movement and feel stronger.  

The system is designed to help and empower you to take the next steps in taking control of your physical performance and wellness.  

Using proven methods of myofascial trigger point release with Thai massage - KTB will help you stay consistent in your routine towards having peace of mind than can be elusive and difficult to achieve without a routine of self-care.

More Good News

The KTB Physical Wellness & Personal Performance Program is no more than the typical cost of the great bodywork therapy that people are already talking about.  

For the same cost of the therapy of bodywork that works - you also get a follow up wellness program that helps you stay consistent and improve your overall performance.  You take the daily self-care activities you pick and add them into your routine for results that you can feel and record.

You will get email updates regularly to keep you consistent and on your game.

You will have choices of self-care activities that are meant for you and what you prefer to help you stay interested.

It is a 6 week program that records your progress and does not require you to be dependent on KTB for those results.  We are here for support and motivation to help you do the work that is required to get the results you want and form lasting habits from an easy to follow frame work that works with your schedule.

KTB Physical Wellness & Personal Performance Program


  • Six 1.5 hour sessions of Kinetic Thai Bodywork
  • Anatomical Wellness and Symptom Progress Weekly Evaluation
  • Self-care methods to take with you to effectively manage your pain patterns & improve performance
  • Regular email reminders to help you stay motivated and on your game
  • Self-care activity & progress chart for you to stay consistent and see your progress over the following weeks
  • ​Coordinating and scheduling assistance to insure daily progress

Program pricing is actually the same cost as the effective KTB Thai bodywork that you're already used to. The added bonus of having a reliable program that insures the framework for you to achieve personal performance results.  This gives you peace of mind and a feeling of wellness that is not easy to put a price tag on. 

Kinetic Thai Bodywork Thai massage sessions are fully clothed and use no lotions or oils.

Loose fitting sports or yoga type clothing is worn by therapist as well as client that facilitates movement​​

Therapy for those in perpetual motion to stay in motion.