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KTB Wellness Program Perfromance Charts

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Consistent results and improvement of performance. 

Reduce and eliminate pain to achieve personal wellness.​​

KTB Wellness Program charts can be sent directly to your computer or smart phone to keep track of your progress.

See what people are saying about their post-treatment experience.

This is not just massage - it's therapy that works.

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KTB Physical Wellness &

Personal Performance Program 

Description & Pricing

KTB Physical Wellness & Personal Performance Follow Up Program

Cost Includes:

  • Six 1.5 hour sessions of Kinetic Thai Bodywork
  • Physical Wellness and Symptom Progress Weekly Evaluation
  • Self-care methods to take with you to effectively manage your pain patterns & improve performance
  • Regular email reminders to help you stay motivated and on your game
  • Self-care activity & progress chart for you to stay consistent and see your progress over the following weeks

6 Week Program                   $ Check for pricing

Paid in two equal payments of $330 at 30 day intervals


6 Week Program                 $ Check for pricing

Paid in full at start of program (10% discount)

Program pricing is actually the same cost of KTB Thai bodywork that you're already used to. The added bonus of having a reliable program that insures the framework for you to achieve personal performance results. This gives you peace of mind and a feeling of wellness that is not easy to put a price tag on. 

Kinetic Thai Bodywork Thai massage sessions are fully clothed and use no lotions or oils.

Loose fitting sports or yoga type clothing is worn by therapist as well as client that facilitates movement​​