Time & Motion, The Kinetic Cycle  

Fabrizio Sonny LeNoir

This moment is always becoming the past. It's impossible to stop time so we try to be wise in its use but often are not motivated or organized to be consistent.  Inevitably, the result is increasing the pace of activity in an attempt to make up for its loss.

Initiating kinetic activity is the only answer in the race against time, the completion of our chores, reaching our goals or achieving some fulfillment that can bring some sense of accomplishment and meaning in our lives. Making any headway requires greater engagement of our mind and bodies which overall exerts more physical and mental stress on ourselves.

What people are saying...

Fabrizio is that rare practitioner who combines natural ability, compassion and the focus necessary to achieve solid results.  A treatment from him is deeply therapeutic. 

M. Mulchahy, L.Ac.

Director of Mercy Hospital 

Community Acupuncture Clinic 

I have experienced the pleasure of a Thai bodywork therapy session with Fabrizio - I came in with feelings of soreness and stiffness and walked out with increased flexibility and relaxation.

A. Miskovic

I am in deep gratitude for amazing body work done by Fabrizio Sonny LeNoir. He is a master of fluid balanced movement and a gentle yet powerful and extremely healing touch. I hope our Tango community with tired tango feet will take a full advantage of his great service and fast growing practice. As a fellow practitioner I can definitely appreciate the authenticity and his deep commitment to the client agenda.

L . Pritzker

Founder, New Human Energetics

Does that make sense to you?  If it does - then think about this:

The mental and physical exertion that is spent during the task is very often still occurring even after the task is completed!
That's right, the mental activity after the activity is over - is like an echoing in your subconscious almost like the lingering echo of a roar from a sporting event in an empty gymnasium after the game is over.  The physical activity has been completed, the game was played and finished - win, loose or draw - how many times will you think about the outcome?  How will those conscious thoughts effect your body? How about the subconscious ones?  If your mind is playing the same scenes over and over again, is it possible your body is also holding the same tension as it would during the activity?

   perpetual motion (per-pe-tual mo-tion)

noun      1. a state in which movement or action is or appears continuous and unceasing