What it is:

  • KTB utilizes traditional Thai massage techniques with a focus on connecting to the breath while relieving muscle knot trigger points to effectively help with pain, stress and reduced mobility.
  • Sessions are a deeply therapeutic experience that are interactive, relaxing and educational to help you understand your body better.
  • Thai massage is a very effective modality for reducing or eliminating patterns of pain and/or restriction, often in cases where conventional medical treatment has failed.

It's good for relieving pain in most joints:

  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow 
  • Wrist

What it's NOT

  • Not Nude: Thai massage is done fully clothed, no lotions or creams are used during bodywork.
  • Not a Nap: Although bodywork and Thai massage can be very relaxing - it is best to be awake during the sessions to communicate with your therapist during the process to get the most benefit and relief from the therapy.

If you have pain when you:

  • Walk
  • Sit
  • Dance 
  • Drive
  • Type
  • Balance
  • Bend
  • Reach
  • Extend
  • Sleep

If you feel unstable when you:

  • Step
  • Turn
  • Pivot
  • Balance
  • Walk 
  • Run

KTB can help you!

Is Kinetic Thai Bodywork (KTB) the same as massage?

Common Misconceptions

Thai Bodywork, also known as Thai Massage, is more than just massage.  An article published in www.bodyharmonics.com gives a good accounting of the similarities and differences. 

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