Kicking Stones

Addressing & avoiding the stones in our path.

It is my observation that many of us have a habit of creating short cuts so as not to trip over the same stones in the paths of our daily lives.  Sometimes addressing the stones directly can create more work and conflict which finds us seeking easier alternative ways of avoiding them.  

Tension and stress are two stones that seem to always find them selves on our path - they tend to be unavoidable especially when attempting to lead an active and productive lifestyle.  The more pressure we put on ourselves to perform also increases the mental stress which can lead to physical tension and exhaustion.

Thai massage has shown to be very therapeutic and effective at relieving tension caused by stress.  A 60 to 90 minute session of Traditional Thai Massage focuses on increasing function by working the energy lines or "Sen Lines" of your body with compression while providing invigorating passive stretches to leave you feeling relaxed,  balanced and revived.

We may not be able to completely avoid stress but relieving the physical tension that stress produces is an effective method of addressing its negative effects like letting go of old emotions.

Things only get done with kinetic activity - it's what keeps us moving through our lives.  Physical tension can limit that activity substantially by exhausting energy reserves to quickly.  The localized pain and reduced mobility that tension can produce eventually causes the body to overcompensate and experience pain in seemingly unrelated areas.  Releasing muscle tension with Thai massage is a great way to counter those effects.

Relieving physical tension will keep you in perpetual motion, in the game and kicking stones like a soccer champion. 

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