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What to expect:

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing like you might wear for a workout or yoga class. Thai massage does not require you to undress.
  • Thai massage is typically more focused on results and has more lasting benefits than other kinds of massage. Thai therapy can relieve chronic or new pains by working out muscle knots through releasing trigger points and improve range of motion, blood flow and flexibility through physical manipulation as well as emotional & mental holding.
  • Sessions leave your body and nervous system relaxed and reset - you can feel your ciculation & energy improved. 
  • Soreness is to be expected after any type of bodywork - Fabrizio works with you to let go of holding patterns that can keep you in pain and resisting during the process so post-session soreness is kept to a minimum.
  • Be sure to shower and hydrate beforehand to have a productive session.

 (Remote Sessions can be done by video confrence - Limit your exposure if you're high risk)

Why Thai Massage?

Thai massage has been used since 450B.C. - its roots are in Ayurvedic & Yogic medicine from India and Chinese Merdian Theory. This very thorough system has been practiced from the villages to the Royal Grand Palace of Thailand and passed down from healer to healer in the true family tradition.

Thai massage has been proven to be very effective in: 

  • relieving stress
  • arthritis symptoms & treating muscle knot pain using trigger point release
  • improving range of motion

It also invigorates the circulation and metabolism by working with the breath and stimulating energy meridians that in Thailand are referred to as Sen Lines.

As living beings we are constantly moving 

giving us unlimited options and potential.  KTB clears and restores for you to feel that every day.


Fabrizio works out of a professional Pilates studio in Lincoln Park Lakeview area called LightSpace Pilates and also does home visits. 

Restorative Thai Massage in Chicago 

Fabrizio Sonny LeNoir, Certified Thai Bodywork Therapist

Fabrizio is a Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist with over 20 years of experience that has a firm understanding of anatomy and is dedicated to caring for those with stress and pain. He utilizes time-honored Thai massage techniques together with deep understanding of anatomy gained through years of study, dance and martial arts. Learn more about Fabrizio.

A Thai massage session with Fabrizio is productive, highly therapeutic and leaves you feeling revived, balanced and relaxed. Many clients report their bodies to have an overall lighter quality after a session. 

We subject ourselves to constant repetitive motion in demanding environments. The residual tension from both physical and mental activity resides in our bodies until we learn to let it go. ​