One Wellness Now gets you connected - and now is the time. 

The Sanctuary is located in the Baker Neighborhood in Denver, CO

​Marco DiFerriera, Yoga

Marco believes that yoga is much more than uniting mind, soul and body.  Yoga is a lifestyle to be practiced and learned on and off the mat.

By incorporating his own live music in shavasana, Marco strives to inspire his students and infuses their practice with creative energy.

Vitality Flow Yoga is Tuesday Group Class 9:00a.m.

Calendar or Classes, Events & Activities

The Sanctuary

125 S. Sherman 

Denver, CO

One Wellness Now (O.W.N.) brings together the essential elements and a community of healers to guide you to feel naturally at ease in your heart & mind. Opening and facilitating pathways that raise your efficiency allowing you to feel comfort, strength & clarity. Your experience is unique and the resident facilitators share One Goal; to nurture & support you so that you may connect to your authentic self.

Come and feel grounded & fortified in a space truly meant for mind, body & soul to feel at rest.

A typical day of activities at One Wellness Now would start with offerings from morning yoga with some of the most prolific yogis to open and strengthen your practice, to meditation and breath work classes as well as exploratory dance, martial arts & movement classes that help build human connection and in maintaining neuroplasticity.

Meet our Facilitators

​​Fabrizio LeNoir, Certified Thai Bodywork Therapist 

Fabrizio is a well informed therapist and connects with each client's unique operating system. He achieves results that you can feel right away by addressing the root of the problem.

Thai Stretch Sessions

​Thai Massage Sessions

Session work is truly transformational and DONE FULLY CLOTHED

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We at One Wellness Now feel that to get somewhere you've never been - you have to do something you've never done. This is true of most goals but we believe that most goals are like questions - the answers are found in living the question. One Wellness Now is a hub for you to live those questions with a community of support to heal your body, mind and heart a little bit more every day.