Kinetic Thai Bodywork Thai Massage in Chicago

  • Chronic/Acute Pain
  • Focused Muscle Wellness Therapy
  • Mindful Balance & Holistic Healing

Therapy for those in perpetual motion to stay in motion.  

Kinetic Thai Bodywork

We subject ourselves to constant repetive motion in demanding environments. The residual tension from both physical and mental activity resides in our bodies until we learn to let it go. 

As living beings we are constantly moving towards accumulation or elimination - this gives us unlimited options and potential.  However; right now, in this moment, you will never be more perfect than you are.

Sen Lines


Restorative Thai Massage in Chicago 

Fabrizio Sonny LeNoir, Certified Thai Bodywork Therapist

Thai massage has been developed since 450B.C. and has its roots in Ayurvedic & Yogic medicine from India and Chinese Merdian Theory. Together this very thorough system has been developed in Thailand and has been practiced from the villages to the Royal Grand Palace of Thailand and passed down in true family tradition of healers.

Thai massage as proven to very effective in relieving stress and the treatment of trigger point muscle knot pain patterns by releasing tension and stagnation in specific points to relieve joints and free up range of motion. It also invigorates the circulation and metabolism by working with the breath and stimulation of the Meridians that in Thailand are referred to as Sen Lines. 

Fabrizio is a Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist that has a firm understanding of caring for those with stress and pain. He utilizes time honored Thai massage techniques together with practical experience in bodywork from his martial arts background to bring consistent relief from acute and chronic pain from repetitive tasks or from excess of mental noise and emotional holding. 

Originally from Chicago, he has enjoyed over 20 collective years of kinetic study in dance and martial art disciplines which has given him a firm grasp of anatomy in motion.  Collectively, he has applied these holistic elements and methodology to develop Kinetic Thai Bodywork Therapy.

A Thai Massage session with Fabrizio is productive, highly therapeutic and leaves you feeling revived, balanced and relaxed.  Many clients report their bodies to have an overall lighter quality after a session.

Thai Bodywork training and certifications at Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage in Evanston located right outside of Chicago.  Practitioner Insurance through Allied Professionals Insurance RPG current through 2018.  Associated Bodywork & Massage Proffesionals (A.B.M.P.) membership in current good standing